Live: Property Insight – Residential Market Outlook 2020 Event

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Closing the Property Insight – Residential Market Outlook 2020 event, the speakers brought necessary and useful information about the vision also exploring upcoming opportunities Viet Nam real estate market of a new decade.

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⚫ 16:40
The speakers discuss and express their views about the factors that buyers of High-end apartment will care the most in 2020, except location. Such as design, quality of construction & materials, facilities or price…

Besides, the speakers also share their choice to invest in 2020, as landed property, equity, bond, and gold.

The speakers also mention the interest topics of guests such as the new land price schemes going to affect your outlook for Vietnam property in 2020.

⚫ 16:35
Mr. Desmond Sim, Head of Research CBRE Singapore & SEA, he shares the experience with some of the lessons from the luxury residential market in Southeast Asia

⚫ 16:30
Question for Andy Han Suk Jung – CEO SomKim Land about whether the home price will continued growth as last year and if yes, which sector will have the highest growth! He also introduces about #PropertyInsight program.

⚫ 16:15
Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh – Lecturer, Fulbright University Vietnam, talking about the shortage of residential supply in HCMC due to licensing issues and complications in procedures. He shared some of the comments on the improvement of these issues in 2020.

⚫ 16:10
Panel discussion

⚫ 15:20
Ms. Duong Thuy Dung – Senior Director, Head of Valuation, Research & Consulting, CBRE Vietnam, talking about the high-end real estate market.

⚫ 15:05
Mr. Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet – Senior Manager, Business Line Leader of RPM CBRE Viet Nam share an overview of the Vietnam real estate market in 2019. The data updated by CBRE.

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We’re getting ready for Property Insight – Residential Market Outlook 2020. Follow us to update some of the hot topics will be shared by our experts in event.


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