Street Hyerachy in Thu Thiem
New Urban Area

Locating in a favorable geographical position, being the gateway and intersection of the main roads moving to the Northern and Southern provinces, Thu Thiem possesses outstanding advantages in connectivity.

Based on the knowledge of block sizes and densities, a variety of land uses and a logical approach to urban design, Sasaki Associate has built a hierarchy of roads for Thu Thiem New Urban Area.

With a clear hierarchy, planning of roads and detailed functions, the transportation network in Thu Thiem is comparable to other major metropolitan districts around the world. As followed:

  •  The primary circulation routes are the Crescent Boulevard, East/West Highway and North/South Road (Nguyen Co Thach Street). These routes play an important role in the allocation of land use, undertake main transportation activities as well as events, festivals, cultural events of the city.
  • The secondary roads are the Central Lake’s roads, shaping the structure of the zones.
  • The tertiary roads allow for finer grain accessibility and generous accessibility and movement around and through the blocks.


With the block size of approximately 80mx120m, the streets are also carefully analyzed to ensure that they will fully support future transportation in Thu Thiem. Spacious sidewalk design creates a walking habit for people, contributing to the goal of sustainable construction in this area.

Prime location combined with large-scale infrastructure makes Thu Thiem NUA become the ideal golden area for commercial and business activities. A place is worth paying attention to by investors.

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